AJ Tsang

AJ Tsang.jpg

AJ is a Public Health Studies and French double major from Anchorage, Alaska. He has served 9 years in policy-minded student governance positions as an unwavering advocate of improved health, education, and environmental policy. In his 4 years at Hopkins, AJ has catalyzed efforts to build a student center, reform academic culture, create mental health initiatives like Well-Fest and the Mental Health Student Group Council, divest Hopkins from fossil fuels, and strengthen student policymaking by creating the JHU Student Government Association’s first Policy Research & Development Commission.

AJ worked alongside Rushabh Doshi to kickstart the Hippocrates Med Review (HMR) in 2016, serving as the young medical journal’s Finance Director and de facto policy and regulatory advisor. Leading the Finance team, he supported HMR’s efforts to win a 2017 IDEA Lab grant of $20,000. Later, as HMR gave rise to the Osler Medical Symposium (OMS), AJ served as one of its four inaugural Co-Directors. As a Co-Director, AJ led the Marketing Team.

A senior, AJ serves as the Executive Vice President of the JHU SGA. Passionate about health economics and policy, he will be working in healthcare consulting after graduation.