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Class of 2018


Rushabh doshi

From Cerritos, California, Rushabh is pursuing a Public Health Studies major. His experience at Sabeti Labs fostered his passion for scientific inquiry. This passion led him to found the Hippocrates Med Review (HMR), an undergraduate medical news journal. Rushabh hopes to empower and educate patients while training the next generation of caregivers to question and challenge the current medical paradigm to further improve it for all stakeholders.

Rushabh serves as the Executive Secretary for the Johns Hopkins Student Government Association. Here, he worked extensively to lead and implement legislation placing free menstrual hygiene products in restrooms on campus, advocate for increased mental health services for students, and to secure smoking cessation programs for all Hopkins affiliates and change the smoking policy on the Johns Hopkins undergraduate campus. At the Osler Medical Symposium, Rushabh led the creation of the Symposium and oversaw its first speaker series.

Class of 2019


AJ Tsang

AJ is a Public Health Studies and French double major from Anchorage, Alaska. He has served 9 years in policy-minded student governance positions as an unwavering advocate of improved health, education, and environmental policy. In his 4 years at Hopkins, AJ has catalyzed efforts to build a student center, reform academic culture, create mental health initiatives like Well-Fest and the Mental Health Student Group Council, divest Hopkins from fossil fuels, and strengthen student policymaking by creating the JHU Student Government Association’s first Policy Research & Development Commission.

AJ worked alongside Rushabh Doshi to kickstart the Hippocrates Med Review (HMR) in 2016, serving as the young medical journal’s Finance Director and de facto policy and regulatory advisor. Leading the Finance team, he supported HMR’s efforts to win a 2017 IDEA Lab grant of $20,000. Later, as HMR gave rise to the Osler Medical Symposium (OMS), AJ served as one of its four inaugural Co-Directors. As a Co-Director, AJ led the Marketing Team.

A senior, AJ serves as the Executive President of the JHU SGA. Passionate about health economics and policy, he will be working in healthcare consulting after graduation.



Jeeva Jagabandhu is a Neuroscience major who recently graduated in December 2018. He is a member of the Logistics team for OMS, and has a strong passion for issues related to addressing health inequities and inequalities. He pursues his research interests at the Child Psychiatry Clinic and Neuroscience Department at JHMI on projects focusing on cognitive disorders and pathway irregularities in patients with psychiatric disorders. He also serves as a volunteer at the Oncology Outpatient Department at JHMI.


Sebastian mendez

Sebastian Mendez, graduating in May of 2019, majors in both Neuroscience and Psychology. His interest in health literacy motivated him to work for the Hippocrates Medical Review -- awarded the $20,000 JHU IdeaLab Grant -- prior to becoming a part of the Osler Medical Symposium team. 

Additionally, an interest in the interplay between political policy, healthcare, and research has motivated him to contribute various articles to the JHU Politik regarding topics such as pharmaceutical marketing or the controversial rise of neuroscientific evidence in court

He also devotes his time to conducting memory research with the Bakker Memory Laboratory at JHUSOM, volunteering at the Esperanza Center Health Services Clinic, and mentoring Baltimore City public school students through the community-engagement program, Thread.

Class of 2020


Pavan Patel

From Roselle Park, New Jersey, Pavan is pursuing a double-major in Public Health Studies and Molecular & Cellular Biology. As a member of the executive team of Hippocrates Med Review (HMR), an undergraduate medical news journal, Pavan played an instrumental role in the early growth of HMR which won President Daniels’ 2017 Idea Lab Challenge—a $20,000 grant. It was his experience working with the Johns Hopkins Drug Access and Affordability Initiative at the Bloomberg School of Public Health that has ultimately led to his passion for health policy and management. This passion led him to pursue formative experiences with the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging and the Baltimore City Health Department, where he was able to support policy research and development.

Pavan serves as a Senator for the Class of 2020 at the Johns Hopkins Student Government Association, where he is a Co-Chair of the Health, Safety, and Sustainability Committee. In this role, he has advocated for a tobacco-free campus, increased access to physical fitness training and nutritional counseling, and to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. At the Osler Medical Symposium (OMS), Pavan has led the outreach effort to invite some of the most foremost leaders of the medical community. In addition, he has developed key partnerships across the various Johns Hopkins Institutions to support the mission of OMS.


Alex Chang

Alex Chang is a Junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science and is graduating in May 2020. He is the OMS Assistant Director of Outreach. Aside from his involvement in OMS, Alex is a Teaching Assistant in the Physics Department and is also involved in computational genomics research. Given his passion for research, Alex has also promoted new team-based research programs for students on the undergraduate campus. In his free time, he enjoys biking and playing basketball.


Senyoung kim

Senyoung is a Junior studying Economics and Applied Math and Statistics, and intending to graduate in 2020. Outside of his role on the OMS logistics team, he is involved in arthritis research at the Bayview Medical center.


Rob cortes

Robert Cortes is a Junior from New York City Majoring in Public Health, minoring in Financial Economics and has a strong interest in Law and policy work as well. Robert is constantly thinking about policy that could help shape society for the better and became very interested in Public Health, Environmental and Economic policy after his internship with Congress during the summer of 2017. In addition to OMS, Robert is also a part of the Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Law Review, IDEAL JHU, Public Policy Consulting, Fast Forward University and works for a non-profit called Stocks in the Future. Robert loves to play piano, baseball and read and is an avid fan of New York sports teams and sports in general.


Jack mccarthy

Jack McCarthy is a junior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and intends to graduate in the spring of 2020. He is a member of the OMS outreach team, helping to bring leaders in healthcare and medicine to campus. Apart from his involvement with OMS, Jack tutors at a local Baltimore City elementary school with Hop Help Tutoring and volunteers throughout the Baltimore community with Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity.


Vickie lee

Vickie Lee is a junior (Class of 2020) double-majoring in Public Health and Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Outside of the organization, she works for an Alzheimer’s Disease clinical trial and conduct Parkinson’s Disease research at the medical campus. She also volunteers at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center  through the Child Life department. On campus, Vickie is apart of Dance Marathon, Tutorial Project, and Kappa Kappa Gamma. She is beyond excited to work with everyone on OMS to continue to inspire Hopkins students and the community around us.

Class of 2021


Christina BoatRight

Christina Boatwright is a sophomore majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and intends to graduate in May 2021. She is one of the OMS Co-Directors and manages the marketing sub-team. Outside of the organization, she is involved in Camp Kesem, Alpha Kappa Psi, and does research in a cellular biology lab at the medical campus. She also enjoys horseback riding, theatre, and discovering new restaurants around Baltimore.


Rashi Bhatt

Rashi Bhatt will be graduating in May 2021 with a double major in Computational Neuroscience and Public Health, and a minor in Social Policy. She is passionate about improving the healthcare system and implementing policy changes for the betterment of all people in the fields of medicine and public health. She enjoys learning about neural networks, cognitive simulation (AI work), and building connectomes in the pursuit of addressing various neurological disorders. Currently, Rashi also spends time researching in a lab that studies the effects of neural plasticity in the respiratory system, and dedicates her time to clubs such as HopMUN, JHUMUNC, and Hopkins Undergraduate Mobile Health Initiative (HUMHI), outside of OMS. On her free time, she loves to play the cello or piano, and listen to jazz.


Aaron Wang

Aaron Wang is studying Public Health and Molecular and Cellular Biology and will graduate in May 2021. He is passionate about multiple aspects of health including health equity, health policy, and medicine in general which inspired him to join the Osler Medical Symposium. He has done research in The Department of Surgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine aimed at increasing access to Living Donor Kidney Transplantation through advocacy and social media. Additionally, he volunteers at the R Adams Cowly Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center, the nation’s first and only integrated trauma hospital. As a co-chair of OMS, he aims to create a lasting, effective speaker series which can continually inspire and educate people for years to come.

Noah Smith

Noah Smith will graduate in May 2021 and is studying Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience. He is passionate about social justice and in particular, working against healthcare disparities and making world-class healthcare available to everyone. He channels this passion for social equity through the intersection of medicine and politics. Noah has served as an intern on two congressional campaigns and as a data analyst for Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s 2018 campaign for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. He also serves as an undergraduate assistant for Dr. Youna Vandaele, aiding in her research of associative learning and Pavlovian conditioning during habit formation. Noah hopes to one day be a Senior Medical Officer for the US State Department, providing medical care to American diplomats abroad and refugees fleeing oppressive regimes.

Melissa Suchanek

Melissa Suchanek is double majoring in both Neuroscience and Public Health, with a minor in Global Environmental Change and Sustainability. She hopes to pursue her Masters in environmental health sciences, while eventually attend medical school. She hopes to combine her love for both the medical field and the environment and focus her career on developing mechanisms to ease the effects of pollution and other toxic chemicals on at-risk populations. In addition to Osler, she does neurotoxicology research with the Kennedy Kreiger Institute, communications for the Center for Injury Research and Policy, tutors with Charm City Science League, and is on the executive board of United Against Inequities in Disease. Her hobbies include traveling and eating new and fun food!

Class of 2022


Dennis Gong

Dennis is pursuing a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering with graduation in May 2022. He is from Baltimore City, and hopes to make use of the familiarity he has with Baltimore to better facilitate health discussions between Hopkins and local communities. On campus, he is involved in student entrepreneurship in health related fields, working as a business strategist for medical device startup, Kubanda Cryotherapy. He also engages in research on drug delivery techniques at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus.


Jessica Liang

Jessica Liang is a freshman from Seattle majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology. She is passionate about medicine and is currently a member of a pathology lab at the Hopkins Medical Campus. Jessica is also on the Varsity Tennis Team, a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and a dais in the Johns Hopkins Model UN Conference.

Joshua Woo

Joshua Woo will graduate in May 2022, and is studying Public Health Studies and Economics. He is passionate about the healthcare aspects of Public Health, especially in prevention strategies to address community health, rather than individual health. Outside of Osler Medical Symposium, he serves on the Finance team of the Public Health Student Forum, as well as the organizing team of MedHacks and Epidemic Proportions. He also channels his interest in Public Health and health equity by working with the IDEA Initiative at the Bloomberg School of Public Health and ReAct North America to recommend policy initiatives around open science and access to health technologies, as well as raise awareness around key Public Health issues.


Katherine Tien

From Sunnyvale, California, Katherine Tien is pursuing a B.A. in Public Health Studies. Outside of OMS, Katherine is a member of the Mentoring Assistance Peer Program, a first-year program that caters to assist underrepresented JHU students with academic excellence and career development. In the past, Katherine interned at a biomedical research institute and explored cellular process in cancer cell lines, and this summer plans to continue her research in the causes and treatment of glaucoma in Asian American populations. In her free time, Katherine enjoys playing the clarinet and exploring nature.

Sanddhya Jayabalan

Sanddhya Jayabalan is a freshman who intends to double major in Cognitive Science and Computer Science. Her ultimate career goal is to become an oncologist. This is her first year on the OMS team, where she enjoys helping out with the marketing subteam. Outside of OMS and her academic interests, she partakes in the BAJA Blue Jay racing club, helps out at the Digital Media Center, participates in oncology research at the medical campus, and volunteers with the Charm City Science League service group. She also loves spending time outside, playing the piano, baking, and enjoying time with friends and family. 


Sakshi Chopra

Sakshi Chopra is currently a freshman at Johns Hopkins University studying Neuroscience, intending to graduate in May 2022. She is a member of the OMS Marketing Team because she is passionate about exploring the connections between medicine and business, and is excited at the opportunity to take an active role as an undergraduate student in spreading knowledge about relevant healthcare issues both on and beyond the Hopkins campus. In addition, she is a member of the Blue Jay Bhangra competitive dance team and a Global Health writer for the Hippocrates Med Review.


Sydnee Wong

Sydnee will graduate in 2022 and is majoring in Public Health Studies and Chemistry. She is passionate about the intersection of health policy with care delivery. At Hopkins, Sydnee volunteers at the medical campus and enjoys being a part of the OMS outreach team to organize events with leaders in healthcare and medicine. Sydnee is also passionate about music. She plays violin and viola and is a member of both the Hopkins Chamber Music Seminar and the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra.