Pavan Patel

From Roselle Park, New Jersey, Pavan is pursuing a double-major in Public Health Studies and Natural Sciences Area. As a member of the executive team of Hippocrates Med Review (HMR), an undergraduate medical news journal, Pavan played an instrumental role in the early growth of HMR which won President Daniels’ 2017 Idea Lab Challenge—a $20,000 grant. It was his experience working with the Johns Hopkins Drug Access and Affordability Initiative at the Bloomberg School of Public Health that has ultimately led to his passion for health policy and management. This passion led him to pursue formative experiences with the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging and the Baltimore City Health Department, where he was able to support policy research and development.

Pavan has served as a Junior Class Senator and Senior Class President for the Class of 2020 at the Johns Hopkins Student Government Association, where he was Co-Chair of the Health, Safety, and Sustainability Committee. In this role, he has advocated for a tobacco-free campus, no-cost laundry services for students, increased access to physical fitness training and nutritional counseling, and to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. At the Osler Medical Symposium (OMS), Pavan has led the outreach effort to invite some of the most foremost leaders of the medical community. In addition, he has developed key partnerships across the various Johns Hopkins Institutions to support the mission of OMS.