Rushabh Doshi

From Cerritos, California, Rushabh is pursuing a Public Health Studies major. His experience at Sabeti Labs fostered his passion for scientific inquiry. This passion led him to found the Hippocrates Med Review (HMR), an undergraduate medical news journal. Rushabh hopes to empower and educate patients while training the next generation of caregivers to question and challenge the current medical paradigm to further improve it for all stakeholders.

Rushabh serves as the Executive Secretary for the Johns Hopkins Student Government Association. Here, he worked extensively to lead and implement legislation placing free menstrual hygiene products in restrooms on campus, advocate for increased mental health services for students, and to secure smoking cessation programs for all Hopkins affiliates and change the smoking policy on the Johns Hopkins undergraduate campus. At the Osler Medical Symposium, Rushabh led the creation of the Symposium and oversaw its first speaker series.